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How to add falling flower effects to your blog

Happy New Year to all Bloggers/Web Master

Hello my all friends/Bloggers/Web masters
Here I have a gift for all my friends. So, If you have a Blog or Website decorate him with flowers effects for new year 2013.
 here  i give you a code of how to add flowers effects in blogger.

First of all .
  1. Go to blogger.com
  2. Select your blog you want to add flowers effect
  3. Now goto layout.
  4. Click on add gadget
  5. Select HTML/JAVA
  6. And paste below code.
 <script src="http://yourjavascript.com/2223141713/purple-flower-effect-spiceupyourblog.js" type="text/javascript">

* Flower fall effect by Talit Mahmood http://www.talitmahmood.tk
* Please keep this notice intact

</script><br/><a href="http://www.talitmahmood.tk/2012/12/happy-new-year-gift-for-bloggersweb.html" target="_blank"><font size="1">Get Flower Effect</font></a>

And enjoy new year.

Happy new year 2013 

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