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Android Marshmallow 6.0 Free Download for PC

Android Marshmallow is the latest Android operating system which was first released in May 2015.This operating system was released with the code name Android M. Marshmallow has enhanced the user experience of Lollipop by introducing features.
Android Marshmallow works smarter and will save your battery which I think matters the most. It has got a Doze feature which will automatically be activated when you’re your device is at rest. It has also got App Standby feature which will also let you save your battery and now there is no battery drainage due to seldom used apps. Marshmallow has also emphasized greatly on the security of your mobile device. No you don’t need to remember your passwords as there is a fingerprint recognition feature included which will unlock your phone. With Hotspot 2.0 now you can connect to compatible WiFi networks easily and securely. It has also included Bluetooth SAP which will let you make calls from the carphone by using your phone’s SIM.
Features :
  • Latest Android operating system.
  • Works smarter.
  • Saves your battery.
  • Got Doze feature which will be activated automatically.
  • Got App Standby feature which will save your battery.
  • Great emphasis on the security.
  • With Hotspot 2.0 can connect to compatible WiFi networks securely.
  • Bluetooth SAP included for making calls from the carphone.
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